Frau am Laptop in Cafe

Lernen im Cafe

Study at…?

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Since university exams are now in full swing, we decided to look at some of the cafe’s nearby. and let you know which are the best ones if you need to find your new favorite study spot. 

In Munich, there are a lot of cafes, especially around the university. Here are our top three:

Deli Star Bagel &Coffee

Deli Star Bagel & Coffee

This spot isn’t too crowded so you won’t have to fight to find a table and can have your own space to spread out and start your studies. There is inside and outside sitting area to accomdate whatever mood your are feeling. The cafe is located at Amalienstraße 40.

Heinrich Hauser 

This café has two areas, one containing a big group table dedicated to people studying that has multiple outlets so you can charge your devices. The other has multiple tables more for eating and socializing so this is perfect if you want to take breaks in-between your studies. You don’t have to walk very far from LMU to get there since it can be found at Schellingstraße 27.

Café Puck

This spot is great for bringing study groups or a study buddy because there are large tables and space that can fit a lot of people. There is also a bar, so after a long day of studying you can stick around and have a drink. The cafe is to be found at Türkenstraße 33.