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Schulausflug in den Landtag

Autor(en): Jana Lotze am Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012
Als Schüler in den Landtag und richtig mitreden! So kurz vor den Ferien folgten rund 100 Schüler dem Ruf der Grünen-Fraktion. Als Schüler in den Landtag und richtig mitreden! So kurz vor den Ferien folgten rund 100 Schüler dem Ruf der Grünen-Fraktion. Unser US-amerikanischer Praktikant Drew Phipps war auch dort.

Inside Maximilianeum, in a hallway on the right side of the end of the main room, there were paintings of former house speakers. As we interviewed one particular student, I realized I could possibly be looking at a future house speaker. While it is pretty unlikely, it is certainly true that all of the subjects of the paintings were also teenagers once.

7 Lucky Groups

The Green Party had organized the invitation event. The idea was to give students insight into how the members of the Green Party work within parliament. The students would be split into 7 groups, each with its own topic of discussion relating to the overall theme of Gender Equality. Professionals who deal with the respective topics led the 7 groups. Reading about politics is one thing, visiting the Maximilianeum is another thing. But getting the chance to discuss and participate in an activity designed to replicate a party’s activities is a very unique opportunity.

Child Development and Music

In one room, a group is discussing gender in early child development, a topic the boys in class have little interest in. Another group in different room is discussing gender equality in music. The 15 students in the room are split into 4 sub-groups, each given the goal of finding a policy to solve to a problem. One of the sub-groups was trying to create a way of preventing negative female stereotypes and identify those who are responsible for making sure children do not grow up surrounded by those stereotypes. This process mimics the way parties operate in Parliament, but on a smaller scale.

But how do the students feel?

Many students were admittedly more concerned with socializing and some had more feedback to give than others. Some even declined to comment. Most kids that we spoke with enjoyed the event, saying it was nice. Some felt that the presenters exaggerated certain details. However, almost everyone enjoyed the complimentary food. (see picture) Even if all of the students don’t plan on becoming politicians in the future, they will at least now have a better idea of what politicians do.

Foto: Tareq Sydiq für afk M94.5
Platte des Monats

Deutschland kann keinen Math Rock? Das war vielleicht einmal. Mit ihrer Debütplatte bricht die Leipziger Kombo Lingua Nada mit allen Klischees und lädt zur Reise in die Tiefen der Virtual Reality ein. Von Computer-Viren zur virulenten Musik, mit Snuff veröffentlicht Lingua Nada schon früh eines der trippigsten Alben des Jahres.

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