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Was denkt eine junge Italienerin über die EU?

Francesca Bini aus Italien

Autor(en): Marco Morgenroth am Dienstag, 21. Mai 2013
Quelle: M94.5

Francesca Bini

Hunderte Millionen Europäer wählen ein neues EU-Parlament. Aber was denken die Menschen in den verschiedenen Staaten über die EU? M94.5 hat nachgefragt.

Hunderte Millionen Europäer wählen ein neues EU-Parlament. Aber was denken die Menschen in den verschiedenen Staaten über die EU? M94.5 hat nachgefragt.

Name: Francesca Bini

21 Jahre alt

lebt in Rom

studiert Literaturwissenschaft



Francescas über ihre Erfahrungen mit der EU:


I started my Erasmus Program in Germany on March 2014, therefore I can say that 2014 is my year as European Citizen. By coincidence, 2014 is the year of the elections for the renewal of the European Parliament. Actually, European Union students are asked to give their contribution in the formation of an European identity. In the era of globalization, when most of  the cultural and language barriers have been removed, it is important to find a means of expression and this is the vote indeed. Vote means to be active citizens by participating in change and choosing to be represented.  My experience as European citizen, then, consists in taking part in the Erasmus Program and in voting in these European Elections. The Erasmus program, which stands for European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, was founded in 1987 through the work of the European Community and confirms the possibility of a European university student in a foreign university to carry out a period of study legally recognized by their university. The program's name derives Dutch humanist and theologian Desiderius Erasmus (XV century), who travelled across Europe several years to understand the different cultures. My Erasmus Program extends for one semester in Ludwig Maximilian Universitat of Munchen, where I have the opportunity to get to know students from all over the world in my everyday life. Many activities are organized by various student associations to promote the meeting between students of different countries. For instance, tours to the most important German cities, as well as hikes and international meals. English is the medium of language, beside German, that more and more students have chosen to learn. Erasmus, then, for me means interaction and dialogue with foreign cultures, and especially exchange of opinions and points of view. It stands for a source of horizons’ broadening by personal comparison with people from different cultural backgrounds.  When it comes to voting in next European elections, it is the first time for me that I feel involved in a choice of such importance. Vote for me means a civic duty and a fundamental right that everyone should exercise, especially dealing with a common reality as that of the European Union. Through vote, young generations come into direct contact with Europe, too often conceived as an abstract entity, expressing themselves in the field of economics, employment, health and education.


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